i love this light and the texture it glows with! pure and lovely.

hyphae lamp from etsy shop called "nervoussystem"



this video is so simple and sounds amazing. this girl in a red chair showcases the mastery of two instruments - her voice and the really cool thingamajig on her lap. it's called a pianoette and it has a special mechanism to play chords with the left hand, while the melody is played with a little hammer that beats onto the double strings. this song is a very special one. to start the week inspired to be better at something :)



simple and lovely vase.  both by favorite One Kiln Ceramics


snack and carry


on your bag :)

liking this snack and box a lot. packaging is everything! this is so cute!  Pretz are a tasty Japanese cracker stick and this box is a pug that has "arms" that hang on your bag so you can carry cutely wherever you go. love it!! haha! 


1 horned pug

first try to post pugs, so 1 of the 3 here...in a funny suit :) 
they are usually not "outfitted" - lucky Bailey!
...maybe he likes it better on another day. 
but so cute! 
Magic Thoughts?
Bailey as Unico



This is a Daruma. He is from Japan. 
Daruma is used for goal setting. He helps :)
One eye will be colored in when the goal is defined...
the second eye filled in when the goal is accomplished. 
Two suit cases packed and ready for a long trip... reminds me of Daruma's two eyes colored in and ready to See.  
Goal! U.S. to Japan! Score!
Safe travels and godspeed darling! 



now i'm sharing my first etsy "love" items...phew! i think i did it :)

these sweet little paintings are from etsy shop naokosstoop i purchased both of these and have them framed near a window. so cute!  
naokosstoop says:

"Creative mind comes from the times you thought you wasted... Now, please relax. Something good will happen to you."   



lighting is key. here's my newest addition. this simple light is very enjoyable and the amber glow it gives when lit is very calm. 



testing my ability to post videos here... this is fun :)

i love the colors in this video, and the sweet voice, it reminds me of my favorite scarf/wrap - natural fibers, muted tones of gray, blue, tan - on a cold morning... 


5 plus 1

to me "happy life" is "FULL senses"
this blog is me managing a space to keep track of it all.

will be taking some time to get used to this format...'til then...

keep smiling!

sunday morning breakfast and...blog?

getting started


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